KickAss Torrents shutdown latest news: Operation back again as community resurrects site; what will follow next?

(Kickass website)The notice on the home page of KickassTorrents after seizure by the U.S. government.

KickAss Torrents had been shut down once again last July. This was followed by the arrest of alleged owner, Artem Vaulin. Because of that, many were saddened and were thinking the site would never get back up again. However, its operation continues these days.

The most popular torrent site is now back to giving people free downloads of mostly anything they need. This is after a discreet KickAss Torrents community brought it back alive. They opened a mirror site with the torrent database in their hands. Apparently, the community still has the database of the original site before it was shut down. Hence, people could still download the games, movies, music and more just as before.

However, music and movies are not all that people could download these days. International Business Times reports that KickAss Torrents has gone to college. This is after college students are sharing their copies of books on the site as well as on Pirate Bay and TextbookNova. Most of these downloadable books are free. With the high cost of college education and even the books, many college students are benefitting through using torrent sites.

Reports are also coming in that KickAss Torrents will not be the last to shut down. Rumors are circulating that Pirate Bay is up next. Pirate Bay became the next resort of people after the down fall of KickAss Torrents, but it seems like the site is also set to fall down because of copyright infringement violations.

The recent shut down of the torrent site did not stop its community from building it back up. As per News Everyday, the community thinks of the members as family and the site as their home. They claim they would not let anything happen to the site and will likely build it up again when it shuts down once more.