KickAss Torrents update: Torrent community revives terminated site

( page seen on the old "KickAss Torrents" domain when accessed

Torrent communities are on shaky ground, especially after the recent events happening where known file sharing sites were shut down. One of the most surprising is the lockdown on KickAss Torrents, one of the biggest and most popular file sharing websites available.

The shutdown of the popular file sharing site was reported by CNN last July 21 after the suspected owner of KickAss Torrents, Artem Vaulin, was arrested.

For a short while, KickAss Torrents became inactive, and The Pirate Bay shot up in popularity and became the number one torrenting site, as reported by Tech Times. The rise in popularity of The Pirate Bay stemmed from the simple fact that a lot of users immediately sought an alternative site to KickAss Torrents after it was shut down.

The users of KickAss Torrents won't allow themselves to be easily pushed around, however. It wasn't long before it was announced that KickAss Torrents was moved to a new domain — — and that those who access KickAss Torrents will automatically be redirected as soon as they try to access the old KickAss domain,

The good news is that the mirror website still was able to keep most of what was in their database before the website was shut down. According to EarnSpree, KickAss Torrents was brought back by the same website's community and that the same official moderators are still the ones managing the website. The article further expounded that members of the KickAss Torrents website look at the page as a "virtual home" and not just another website that they visit every once in a while.

In the resurrected forum, the KickAss community president, Mr. Gooner, gave a short update that they are also in the dark regarding the case but that the community is still together, stating, "I would to make it clear that regardless of my position I sailed the same ship as you all and have no inside information whatsoever.

"We are here and stronger than ever as most of you have already seen. This is only an update to inform you all I am back and still your president. A reminder that myself and the team are still here for you on a daily basis and love every minute of it," he added.