'Logan' cast, plot rumors, release date news: Hugh Jackman's Twitter post hints at the movie's dark mood

(Facebook/TheWolverineMovie)Promotional photo for "Logan" which stars Hugh Jackman

Judging from the recent black and white photos posted by "Logan" lead actor Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold on their respective Twitter accounts, the movie sequel will be very dark and dreary. Some reports implied that the sequel will be the first rated R18 "Wolverine" movie due to its expected violent scenes.

Mangold posted storyboards created by artist Gabriel Hardman showing Logan in full attack mode as his claws crash through the windshield of a car. Jackman, on the other hand, posted a photo of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and captioned it "Old friend." Other photos posted by the actor seem to suggest a depressing theme for the "Logan."

A promotional poster was released a little over a week ago together with the announcement of the movie sequel's official title. It shows the hand of Logan (Hugh Jackman), claws revealed, being held by the hand of a small child. The Wrap reported that the young girl holding Logan's hand is a mutant. The report further stated that a shady organization called Transigen is "turning mutant children into killing machines." For some unexplained reason, mutant births become rare in 2024. In the movie, Logan will try to put a stop to Transigen's unseemly activities.

The young mutant is mentored by Logan as the movie progresses. She has two claws instead of three, leading fans to speculate she is X-23. The character is also known as the young clone of the Wolverine. Millar's comic book series originally tells how Wolverine takes care of The Hulk's son. The movie replaces the boy with a female mutant.

"Logan" is described as a dark film set in the year 2024. It will follow the storyline of the comic book series written by Mark Millar titled "Old Man Logan." Logan will be shown as an aging man who drinks a lot, his healing powers are weak and he's driving a modified 2024 Chrysler 300 limo.

Meanwhile, there were speculations that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) will make a cameo appearance in "Logan" after the actor posted an intriguing statement on his Twitter account saying that it is his hand that Logan is holding in the recently released promotional image of the movie. While some take it as a joke knowing the actor's humorous nature, a lot of fans still hope for a Deadpool and Wolverine tandem.

Stewart will reprise his role as Professor X in "Logan." He is unwell and old and his previously strong powers start to fail him as he barely remembers Logan. Stephen Merchant will play the mutant Caliban who assists Logan in caring for the aging Professor X. Moreover, Boyd Holbrook will play a villain, while Richard E. Grant will portray a mad scientist.

"Logan" is set to premiere on Mar. 3, 2017.