MacBook Pro 2016 news: Oct. 27 Apple event triggers new launch rumors

(Reuters/Robert Galbraith)Apple logo on the storefront in San Francisco.

Apple currently has an Oct. 27 event that it is preparing for. Apple fans already know that the iPhone 7 is their main release for the year, but rumors suggest that Apple might also be releasing the much-awaited MacBook Pro 2016.

Not a lot is known about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016, but as early as August, Bloomberg reported that the upcoming MacBook will have some upgrades with regard to their keyboard. A thinner keyboard should be expected since it will be a thinner MacBook, but the more interesting update is the 'digital function key display' that is reported to be positioned above the keyboard. The rows of function keys displayed will change depending on the application that the user have open.

Another update that fans can expect from the MacBook Pro 2016 will come with the macOS Sierra.

The anticipation for the upcoming device has prompted a lot of users to delay purchasing a new MacBook until Apple has confirmed — or denied — the existence of the "MacBook Pro 2016." Recently, Gartner has released data that Apple saw a significant decline in sales for their PCs for the third quarter of 2016, as reported by Business Wire. If Apple launches the MacBook Pro 2016 in the upcoming October event, Apple would surely make up for the 13.4 percent decline in sales that they experienced in the last quarter.

There is still no confirmation from the tech giant that they are working on a new variant of the "MacBook Pro 2016," but the lack of information is not a surprise since Apple has always been great at keeping their cards up their sleeves.

Recently, though, an interesting rumor regarding MacBook devices popped up. A Reddit user, Foxconninsider, claims that Apple is currently working on a next-generation keyboard.

Apple is allegedly working with Sonder to incorporate their "Magic Keyboard" on the upcoming MacBook devices. The magic keyboard is said to have E Ink display in each key and that the display will change depending on the need or the application that the user is currently running. As great as the feature is, sadly, the same report claims that it shouldn't be expected in upcoming MacBook devices until 2018.