MacBook Pro 2017 release date, specs, and rumors: More efficient Macbook Pro model line to be released in October?

(Apple)Promotional image for Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 featuring the Touch Bar technology

Apple's follow-up to the 2016 MacBook Pro still awaits an exact release date, but rumors regarding its debut and specs continue to spring up.

According to a research note from famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as reported by MacRumors last January, production for the 12-inch MacBook models that are powered by Kaby Lake processors will commence as early as the second quarter of 2017. The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models that also come with the same processors, on the other hand, will be produced around July.

Considering the production pace, the MacBook Pro is speculated to be ready for release in October, which was also the same month its predecessor came out last year. As for the price, TechRadar projected the price of the new MacBook Pro at $1,499 for the non-Touch, 13-inch entry-level model, while the high-end 15-inch model with the Touch Bar feature is expected to be around the $2,799 mark.

Meanwhile, Kuo also touched on the other aspects of the upcoming MacBook Pro's specs, noting that aside from having faster processors and larger memories, all other specifications and design elements may likely be patterned after the 2016 models. Furthermore, he also thinks that the new processors will make the new notebooks more energy-efficient, which could spell good news when it comes to the product's shipments.

Meanwhile, a report from Bloomberg said that Apple is designing a new chip that may be used in the new MacBook Pro, according to some insiders. The chip will reportedly enable the notebooks to perform key tasks even when the display is not in use. Some of the tasks include synchronizing calendar events and appointments, installing software updates, and retrieving emails.

Additionally, the new chip will be one of the key reasons for the MacBook Pro's power efficiency. The chip, however, is similar to the ones being used in the current model, which powers the Touch Bar feature, and the upgraded parts of the chip will be responsible for the reduced battery consumption, the report added.