'Mafia III' news: Developers set to release three story expansions in the coming months

(Facebook/MafiaGame)An in-game screenshot from "Mafia III"

The third installment of the "Mafia" action-adventure video game series will have three story expansions that will be released on three different occasions this year.

Video game developer Hangar 13 confirmed that fans of "Mafia III" will get to see three DLC packs this year, the first being "Faster, Baby!" which is due for launch by the end of March, according to a report from Gamespot.

The first of the three expansions will showcase "fast cars, dramatic chases, and epic stunt driving," according to Hangar 13, and will revolve around "Lincoln Clay," who is attempting to take down a corrupt sheriff in New Bordeaux who is bent on terrorizing Civil Rights activist. "We were really humbled by the response to the characters and the story in Mafia III, so we wanted to double-down on that as much as possible, while also providing players with different gameplay experiences," said Bill Harms, Narrative Director for Hangar 13.

The second expansion called "Stones Unturned" is reportedly scheduled for release in May, and it will feature a resurfacing rival that is known for his merciless ways. The feud, which originated in the jungles of Vietnam, will force the protagonist to join forces with CIA agent John Donovan.

The final expansion titled "Sign of the Times" is slated for release in July, and it will feature Lincoln on a mission of hunting down a cult that has brought terror to the people of New Bordeaux through a series of ritualistic killings.

Hangar 13 noted that fans will be treated to "tight, focused, and compelling narratives," while enjoying new environments, rewards, and gameplay mechanics. Furthermore, new teasers can be expected in the coming weeks, which also include a strong female lead character.

Last December, a free DLC was released for "Mafia III," which gave players a racing mode and the power to customize cars, which had a growing clamor back then. Despite receiving mixed reviews, "Mafia III" was able to ship 4.5 million copies in its first week, bagging the distinction of being the fastest-selling game in the history of 2K Games, which published the title.