'Marvel Heroes Omega' news: Game to be released on PS4 and Xbox One

(YouTube/PlayStation)A screenshot from the announcement trailer of Gazillion's upcoming game, "Marvel Heroes Omega"

The Marvel fever keeps on heating up, as a spinoff game will be coming to two of the top consoles in the market today.

Gazillion Entertainment community manager David Lee confirmed last Wednesday through a post on the PlayStation official blog that the "Marvel Heroes Omega" will be coming to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) platform this spring. Lee described the game as a mix of MMOs and action-RPGs that is full of action and that does not lack in progression.

"If you've got a favorite Marvel Super Hero, there's a good chance you'll be able to play as him or her in Marvel Heroes Omega," shared Lee. "It's got one of the largest rosters of playable Heroes that pulls from all corners of the Marvel Universe," he added.

Some of the confirmed playable characters include super teams like the Avengers, the Inhumans, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Defenders, and the X-Men. Also slated to make an appearance is the web-slinging icon, Spider-Man.

On the flipside, players will get to face some of the most popular villains from the Marvel universe, like Thor's adoptive brother Loki and the Fantastic Four's long-time arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom. Moreover, fans will be treated to nine chapters of story campaigns taking place in different locations, such as the home of the gods, Asgard, and the perilous streets of Hell's Kitchen, among others.

Apart from the PS4, Gazillion's PR also confirmed that "Marvel Heroes Omega" will also be available on Xbox One, according to a report from Gamespot. Furthermore, it was also confirmed that a closed beta for the two consoles is set to arrive soon, although it is still unclear if the new Marvel game will serve as a full sequel to its predecessor, "Marvel Heroes."

"Like many great online games, we think Marvel Heroes Omega is best played with others – and players can look forward to joining forces with fellow Super Heroes in the game's many Headquarter areas to tackle the game's most challenging end-game content," Lee added.