'Mass Effect: Andromeda' news: Detailed character kits released

(Facebook/masseffect)Promotional poster for "Mass Effect: Andromeda"

Fans awaiting the release of the space-themed video game "Mass Effect: Andromeda" were gifted with a visual treat through detailed Character Kits.

Video game developer BioWare, through their official blog, recently released five high-quality PDF images showing five different characters from various angles and zoom levels. "OurAndromeda character kits feature high-resolution images so you can capture all the details of your newest friends and allies," said BioWare. "We're humbled by what you have made so far, and are excited to see what you create next!" they added.

So far, BioWare released kits for "Sara Ryder," "Scott Ryder," "Cora Harper," "Liam Kosta," and "Peebee." The Peebee Kit also gives gamers the different looks of Sidewinder, which resembles a classic revolver embellished with armor plates and tubes.

BioWare also acknowledged the cosplay community, the designers, and the artists from the Mass Effect community who have shared their ideas with the team. "With Mass Effect: Andromeda introducing you to a new galaxy and cast of characters, we want to give you the resources you need to keep creating," they added.

Last month, BioWare released crewmate profiles that featured Liam and Cora, giving fans a preview of the two human characters and an idea of their respective personalities.

Also last month, studio general manager and vice president of BioWare Aaryn Flynn announced the official release date of the RPG in a blog post. It is slated for release on March 21 in the United States, which will be followed by the European release on March 23. Fynn also confirmed that Andromeda is their "most ambitious Mass Effect game to date," where the development team is introducing new storylines, new characters, and new gameplay systems, among others.

Furthermore, the game will also feature the Frostbite game engine that will reportedly take the graphics of the new game to the next level. The use of the new engine was also one of the reasons for the delay of the game's release date, Flynn added. Andromeda's predecessor, "Mass Effect Trilogy," was released in December of 2012.