'Mass Effect: Andromeda' news: Trophy and achievement list leaked

(Facebook/masseffect)Promotional image for "Mass Effect Andromeda"

Fans waiting for the release of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will have more things to look forward to, particularly the specific goals they would want to achieve once the game becomes available.

A report from Gamespot shared the leaked trophy and achievement list, via Exophase, which included some of the challenges that players will need to conquer to reach the ultra-tough "Platinum Trophy." Of the many different trophies, the "Matchmaker" is one of the most interesting ones, as it can only be achieved if the player gets to spark some romance with three different characters in all of the playthroughs. The leaked trophy list is for the PlayStation 4 version, although the Xbox One's list will most likely be the same.

The Trophy list is divided into the Bronze, Gold, and Silver categories, with the Platinum Trophy being the ultimate prize, which can be achieved by collecting all of the other trophies. The Bronze tier includes achievements like the "Fireworks," which is attained by performing 100 power combos; the "Close Combat Specialist," achieved by killing 100 enemies using melee attacks; and the "Cryptographer," which is unlocked by completing 20 Remnant puzzles within one playthrough, among others.

For the Silver tier, there is the "Veteran," which is achieved by completing either a combined 25 strike team missions or an APEX multiplayer mode, and "High Performance," which is achieved by reaching a Level 6 multiplayer bonus stat or unlocking Rank 6 in every single-player profile type.

Meanwhile, the Gold tier includes the achievement called "Unwavering," which is won by completing five Gold multiplayer extractions from any firebase or by completing a single-player game in Insanity mode.

Earlier this week, Fernando Melo of Bioware posted a series of screenshots on his Twitter, showing key details, like the character selection screen, character stats like health, shield, and skills, and a "Human Female Vanguard," which turned out to be Female Krogan.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is scheduled for release on March 21 on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.