Michael Schumacher health condition: No signs of miracle recovery yet [VIDEO]

(Reuters)Legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher during his happier days.

Subsequent to Michael Schumacher waking up from a medically induced coma after his skiing accident in the Alps, there has been little or no news regarding the health condition of the seven-time Formula One World Champion. This is primarily because Schumacher's family had requested for an absolute media blackout.

All details regarding Schumacher's treatment is tightly guarded and access to the facility where the racing car legend is undergoing treatment is extremely restricted. Only close family members and friends are allowed to visit aside from medical staff. Moreover, all unauthorized communication is also strictly prohibited.

Meanwhile, Express has claimed that an insider told them that the legendary F1 driver is currently recovering from his skiing injuries at his family's Swiss Mansion located close to Lake Geneva. The insider reportedly told the publication, "Progress is painfully slow. There is no miracle on the horizon."

Nevertheless, Schumacher's family is not willing to give up, as they believe that his full recovery is possible. However, the total rehabilitation cost amounts to £100,000 ($154,000) every week and it has not been easy for the legendary racing driver's family to meet the huge expenses. The costs have already touched $15 million. However, what actually pains the family is Schumacher's sluggish pace of recovery.

In a recent interview, Schumacher's manager Sabin Kehm said that his condition is improving. She said, "We are happy to say still he does improvement and I say this always considering the severeness of the injury he had. But of course it will take a very long time for everybody involved to fight, and we are happy to take this fight."

Meanwhile, Crossmap quotes Peter Hamlyn, a consultant and neurological and spinal surgeon, saying that Schumacher is unlikely to recover completely. Hamlyn said, "If you look at severe head injury victims who go on to make a good recovery - and I'm not saying all do - it will always be a story of years."

According to another report, the 46-year-old German motorsport icon has already lost around 65 lbs, which is compared to the listed 165 lbs in his F1 profile.

Schumacher suffered appalling injuries after a skiing trip went wrong in the French Alps on Dec. 29, 2013. Later, the racing legend was placed in a medically induced coma to keep his condition stable.