Michael Schumacher health condition: Rehabilitation is slow but Schumacher's family is still hopeful

(Reuters/Tony Gentile)Michael Schumacher of Germany looks on during a news conference at the end of the official presentation of the new Ferrari Formula

Formula One legend, Michael Schumacher, is still under rehabilitation and his family is trying to keep everything under wraps, but most of his fans are getting worried about their champion.

A tragic accident

Schumacher and his family were vacationing at a ski resort in France back in 2013, when he met an accident that led to a coma.

Schumacher was skiing when he slipped and hit his head hard on a boulder. The accident caused severe injuries to his cranium and the F1 driver was immediately rushed to a hospital.

Schumacher was placed in a medically-induced coma in order to prevent more complications from happening to his brain.

Most of his fans believed that he wouldn't make it through but on March 7, 2014, Schumacher's doctors at Grenoble Hospital said that the F1 driver's condition is stable.

Schumacher fully regained consciousness on June 16, 2014 and was declared by his doctors to be fit enough to transfer to another facility for further rehabilitation.

Schumacher was transferred to Lausanne, Switzerland where he continued his rehabilitation at the University Hospital (CHUV).

According to reports, his condition is stable enough but so far his progress is slow and minimal.

According to Independent, Schumacher's rehabilitation is very costly and his wife, Corinna, had to sell his private jet in order to pay for the bills.

The news site even said that the family is looking into selling their French chalet to keep funding Schumi's rehabilitation.

The reported cost of Schumi's rehabilitation per week is €140,000 and so far, his family has already spent €14m for his recovery.

Without Schumacher racing is becoming a bore

The absence of Schumacher on the race track has caused the sport to lose its luster and some critics and fans are saying that racing today is turning into a boring event.

Schumacher retired from the sport in 2012 and a lot of his supporters say that the sport changed after he left, although the monotony of events could be attributed more to the lack of competition from other race cars since Mercedes has dominated the sport since Lewis Hamilton took on the reins.

One critic, Bernie Ecclestone, said that Mercedes' top-of-the-line engines are hurting the chances of other race cars with cheaper engines.