Michael Schumacher health status update: F1 legend no responding to treatment well?

(Creative Commons/Cristian Janke)F1 legendary racer Michael Schumacher

Ever since the tragic accident of the legendary Formula One racer, Michael Schumacher, his family has been adamant in enforcing the media blackout up to this very day. Because of this, fans and well-wishers for the racing icon really had nothing to go by and could only wait for an official announcement from the family, his doctors, or their close friends to know how the racer was coping with his life-threatening condition.

The racing legend was hospitalized following a freak skiing accident in the French Alps back in December 2013, where he had fallen and hit his head on a rock, which resulted in severe head and brain injuries. Schumacher was then placed in a medically induced coma for months and transferred to his home in Geneva for further rehabilitation and treatment.

After the transfer, his family declared a full media blackout, which included the staff and medical personnel being prohibited from sharing any information to the public regarding the racer's condition. Ever since then, there have been no official news regarding the racer, which has led to various rumors and speculations that mentioned different theories and possibilities of the racer's health status.

Fortunately, some brand-new reports have come out regarding the racer's condition. They reveal that Schumacher is in fact responding to treatment and that he has actually begun to walk again after months of being bedridden. The first report came from an announcement by former Ferrari president, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who announced that Schumacher was responding well to treatment. This was then followed by a statement from former racing driver, Philippe Streiff, who confirmed that Schumacher was already in a wheelchair and is mobile.

Neither the family nor any of Schumacher's doctors have confirmed these claims, which of course, will question their validity. If any of them turns out to be true, then the racer might be very well on his way to recovery.