Michael Schumacher health updates: Family continues full media blackout to protect privacy

(Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi)Former Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher of Germany looks on during the qualifying session for the Italian F1 Grand Prix race at the Monza racetrack in Monza, near Milan, in this September 13, 2008 file photo.

Back in 2013, it came as a surprise to countless motorsport fans that the seven-time Formula One (F1) racing champion Michael Schumacher got severely injured during a typical skiing trip with his family. A lot had expected that the racer would have probably gotten injured doing what he had loved best, which is racing, and not because of a freak accident. Ever since then, however, and despite the waves of request from fans to know more about his condition, he and his family are continuing to hold a full media blackout and has not shared any new information regarding his health status.

As for what the legendary racing driver had to go through, he apparently had banged his head on a rock when he fell over during his skiing trip in the Swiss Alps. He had apparently suffered such a severe brain injury that doctors had no choice but to put him in a medically induced coma. Schumacher had remained in a coma for six months, after which he apparently had to go through a rigorous rehabilitation regimen in order to regain his basic motor functions.

After his transfer to his family's residence in 2014, there has since been no report or updates regarding his condition. What is known for now is that he has an army of doctors and therapists surrounding him 24/7 and that he is slowly recovering from his injuries. Due to the lack of updates, several rumors and theories have been reported in different online and offline publications.

Some reports have claimed that the Formula One driver may never fully recover and that he will never get to enjoy what he loved to do, while other reports claim that he is now standing up and walking and may yet race once again. Despite the drones of fans wanting to know more about his condition, the family and his long-time manager, Sabine Kehm, continue to ask fans for their understanding with regard to the racer's wish for complete privacy.

"We just have to accept that the family wants to continue to protect their privacy. Of course, Michael will not disappear, but at the moment the private situation is so difficult that unfortunately no insight can be given. There must be understanding for this," Kehm had previously stated during a recently held charity event.