Michael Schumacher health updates: privacy is still a major concern for racer's family as Media blackout continues

(Reuters/File photo)F1 legendary racer Michael Schumacher.

Ever since the world famous Formula One (F1) driver, Michael Schumacher, had an unfortunate skiing accident at the French Alps back in 2013, the media and the countless fans of the racer where left scratching their heads as to the status of the racer's condition. This is mainly due to the ongoing media blackout that has been put in place by Schumacher's family.

Although several reports have been published regarding the legend's health, majority of them still continue to be mere speculations as no one really knows the medical status of the driver, except of course for those who have been taking care of him. Even the doctors and therapists who have been assigned to treat him are not allowed to disclose any information to anyone outside of the family.

The only indication of an update has so far been through the announcement made by Schumacher's long-time manager, Sabine Kehm, but even he has been quite cryptic about the F1 driver's condition for the past couple of months. This has led to wild claims by numerous parties, with some even claiming that Schumacher might be coming back to racing soon.

The most recent update was made at a charity football match that was being held by Schumacher's family. During the event, Kehm further reiterated that there is still a media blackout and that people have to respect the family's wishes.

"We all know that I cannot comment. We just have to accept that the family wants to continue to protect their privacy. Of course, Michael will not disappear but at the moment the private situation is so difficult that unfortunately no insight can be given. There must be understanding for this," Kehm explained.

As for Schumacher's family, his wife, Corinna, has recently been spotted for the first time donning a genuine smile, as she was seen supporting her son Mick during his race as he competed in the ADAC GT Masters Formula 4 Motorsport. The race was recently held at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz race track in Klettwitz in Brandenburg, Eastern Germany.