Microsoft and Xiaomi forge partnership, plan to offer smartphones and AI speakers

(Reuters/Mike Segar)Microsoft looks to expand its global reach with its new partnership with Xiaomi.

In the subject of technology, some companies decide to forge new ties to deliver new and cutting-edge products to the market, which is exactly what happened to two leading tech companies.

According to a report from TheVerge, American tech giant Microsoft has partnered with Chinese electronics and phone manufacturer Xiaomi, which allows the latter to use the former's cloud computing products such as Azure.

The partnership is aimed to create new products that include laptops, smart devices, and upgraded phones and launch them in the international market. Moreover, the tie-up will also open doors for Microsoft to penetrate the Chinese market, the report added.

Interestingly, the two companies are also in talks about collaborating on several projects involving Microsoft's AI technologies. These include "Computer Vision, Speech, Natural Language Processing, Text Input, Conversational AI, Knowledge Graph and Search, as well as related Microsoft AI products and services, such as Bing, Edge, Cortana, XiaoIce, SwiftKey, Translator, Pix, Cognitive Services and Skype," explained Microsoft in a press release.

Furthermore, the two companies are also discussing "opportunities to integrate Cortana with Mi AI Speaker." Microsoft noted that the market for AI-powered speakers is something that will "grow rapidly in the next few years." As for cloud support, Xiaomi is currently busy expanding its global user base, and is looking to use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to support its "user data storage, bandwidth, computing and other cloud services in international markets."

Lastly, Xiaomi will also "leverage Microsoft's support on joint marketing, channel support, and future product development for Xiaomi's laptop and laptop-type devices," Microsoft explained. Meanwhile, Windows Central noted that the two companies already hold a history of working together in the past.

Through this latest partnership, Microsoft will be able to further expand its AI and cloud services. Xiaomi, on the other hand, will receive a major boost in terms of technical and marketing support, as it aims to further expand its reach on a global scale.