'Microsoft Surface Book 2' release date, specs news: Laptop unlikely to come out this year; Microsoft to launch new Surface-branded PC instead

(Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)A Microsoft logo is seen at a pop-up site for the new Windows 10

While Microsoft has not really made anything official yet regarding the release of its latest generation performance laptop computer, the Microsoft Surface Book 2, reports continue to persist that the device is likely coming out very soon. This claim is, of course, backed up by the recent slew of price cuts and discounts that are being offered for the original version of the Surface Book.

As is with other products, be it computers or new lines smartphones, huge discounts and special offers being made for current generation products usually mean that a new version is about to be released. This might very well be the case for the new Surface Book as some websites are actually now offering up to $200 in discounts for the original version.

The offers are likely a way for retailers to clear out their stock of the original version to make room for when the new models come out. This is not to say that the offers are not good as even the original versions of the Surface Book are still quite the performers, and given the ridiculously low price they are being sold for, the offers are a definite steal.

As for the Microsoft Surface Book 2's release date, several reports indicate that it is highly unlikely that Microsoft will be launching the device this year. The company currently has a slew of new products to introduce, including a new Surface all-in-one PC called the Cardinal. The PC is expected to be launched during a big event next month. The company is also expected to release several new software updates for existing Surface products in the coming months.

Despite this, some reports still claim that the Surface Book 2 may be launched sometime this year, and possibly next month. The reports base their claims on the release of the original version which was also done in October last year.