Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date and specs rumors: Will the unveiling finally happen on Oct. 26?

(Facebook/MicrosoftSurfaceLaptop)A promotional poster for the Microsoft Surface Book

Recent reports are now suggesting that Microsoft is planning to unveil its Surface Book 2 together with the Surface Pro 5 and the highly anticipated all-in-one (AIO) Surface PC. Most of these speculations state that the tech giant will launch their new Surface devices during their event on Wednesday, Oct. 26 in New York City.

A recent change appeared on the Amazon page for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book which is now listing the devices as "old version." This may mean that Microsoft is really up to something, and they already told Amazon their plans.

The change in the listing title for the latest Surface device might also be due to Microsoft wanting to finish up their sales for the previous versions of their devices.

The upcoming Surface Book 2 is expected to be fitted with a redesigned hinge which will remove the previous gap due to its unique fulcrum hinge. If the device is not released in the coming event of Microsoft in New York, then it will most likely come out in spring next year, together with the latest operating system (OS) upgrade of Windows 10, Redstone 2, according to a report from Windows Central.

Some reports also claim that the Surface Book 2 will be integrated with the latest processor from Intel. However, the Kaby Lake processor, which is Intel's newest generation processor, is already confirmed to have its release date set in 2017.

With this, Microsoft might need to further delay their planned release of the Surface Book 2 if they want to acquire the newest chips from Intel.

Even with various rumors and speculations circling around the web, Microsoft still remains tight-lipped about the launch of their famed Surface devices. As such, fans of the Surface lineup are recommended to take the rumors regarding the design and features of these devices with a grain of salt.