Microsoft Surface Phone release date rumors: Future Windows phone to come in three variants?

(Microsoft)Official product render for the entry-level handset, Microsoft Lumia 650

A lot of information — albeit unofficial — has recently emerged that may prove the existence of the long-rumored, much-awaited Windows handset, currently dubbed by media as the Microsoft Surface Phone. This time, though, rumors have it that the Redmond-based tech giant will not only release one, but three, different variants of the smartphone.

According to iTech Post, circulating rumors suggest that Microsoft may launch three different versions of the Surface Phone, giving consumers the opportunity to choose the best option depending on their preference — and probably even lifestyle.

At this point, however, there is no way to confirm whether this claim is accurate or not as the source did not provide any specific details about the rumored variants.

Meanwhile, reports have claimed that a patent for a mobile phone feature has recently been filed by Microsoft. Interestingly enough, the concept showed that the Redmond-based tech giant is planning to include a fingerprint scanner on the phone. The more notable part, however, is that sources described the feature as unique.

In terms of design, Polish designer Bartłomiej Tarnowski has reportedly released concept pictures of what the Microsoft Surface Phone would look like once it gets finalized, as stated on Tech Times. The image posted on the source shows a rather interesting phone along with a stylus pen and a keyboard add-on.

For the Microsoft Surface Phone's performance, though, previous reports predicted that this future handset from the tech giant could possibly beat Apple's recently launched handset, the iPhone 7.

No official word yet on the release date of the Microsoft Surface Phone has been mentioned, but some tech enthusiasts believe that the handset may be introduced to the market in early 2017. More news about the matter should emerge in the coming months.

With that in mind, it is highly advisable for fans to take this one with a grain of salt until proven confirmed.