Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date: Pro 5 is said to come out in October 2016

(Reuters/Brendan McDermid)An attendee photographs the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, during the event in New York

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to come out in October 2016 and hopefully it will be equipped with a better battery.

According to Inquisitr, a lot of people who bought the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are not too happy about the battery.

One user said that he tested the Surface Pro 4's battery life by watching a long video on his gadget. The video was supposed to last about eight hours but according to the user his Pro 4 only lasted for three.

He said that Microsoft's claim that the Surface Pro 4 has a long-lasting battery is inaccurate and other users echoed his sentiments and even shared their frustration over the gadget.

One user said that what's more frustrating about the Surface Pro 4 is that when it's in Sleep Mode the battery is still being used.

The other user said that when he, or she, put the Surface Pro 4 in Sleep Mode the battery got depleted, which made the whole feature useless.

Microsoft addressed the problems right away and according to some users they were able to fix the problem with the battery after a few adjustments.

But Surface Pro users are hoping that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 won't have this problem anymore.

Some users even suggest that the Surface Pro 5 be bigger than the Pro 4 so that it could get a much bigger battery to solve issues with battery life.

One more thing that users would like to have in the Pro 5 gadget is a much clearer screen.

Although the problem with a much clearer screen is that it would require more power, then that might cause problems on the battery life again.

Release Date Portal said that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might come out in June 2016 or October 2016 and they said that the price tag for this gadget could be $899 for a Pro 5 with Intel Core i5, $999 for a Pro 5 with Intel i7, and $1599 for a Pro 5 with Intel Core i7 Extreme.