'Minecraft' development updates: 'Education Edition' brought out by Microsoft

(Mojang)Before long, Steve won't only be a hero in search of adventure. "Minecraft" has recently received 'Educational Edition' which makes the game an educational wonder.

"Minecraft" has been used in certain cases to highlight improvements in education. There had been times when players had been imaginative enough to create functioning machines. There had also been times when it was used to map entire continents or places.

Recently, Microsoft took "Minecraft's" educational application seriously. According to The Verge, Microsoft had thought of creating structures like The Parthenon, the pyramids of Giza, and the Colosseum for student-players to explore and learn from as well. This will be easier to do with a newly re-designed program, the "Minecraft: Education Edition."

What this program does is to make "Minecraft" easier to use for teaching. The same materials and premise of the game is there—it's just that this time, the game receives an in-game camera and scrapbook to handle screenshots and save images like the human eye, or anything else that can be created in the game.

The lessons don't just end there. Like in the game, Microsoft is designing a website where people using "Minecraft: Education Edition" can submit their finished work for future reference. It's like a global community of educators using "Minecraft" to teach and that is the vision of this undertaking.

Meanwhile, "Minecraft" is in for some further good news, according to this VG 24/7 report.

According to the article, a news was released which places "Minecraft" in third place among the best-selling PlayStation 4 games on the PSN. First, of course, is the highly-popular "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3," which also holds the title of 'best-selling game at US retail.'

"Minecraft" managed to fare better than the other titles. Taking third place, the game was also good enough to take the top spot for most games sold on the PlayStation 3. However, considering the wealth of competition—according to the article—it wasn't surprising to see "Minecraft" manage to take top honors.

"Minecraft: Educational Edition" is currently available and is being based off the mod "MinecraftEdu."