Moto Z line to continue despite recent layoffs in Chicago

(The Official Motorola Blog)Official press render for the Moto Z handset.

After rumors regarding Motorola's planned layoff of half of its Chicago workforce came out, the tech company cleared the air regarding the matter and confirmed that one of its smartphone lines will still continue.

In a statement to GSM Arena, the company belied the rumors that they were ending the services of 50 percent of their employees from the Windy City. Motorola confirmed, however, that they were letting go of some of its employees, though not to the magnitude of half of the company's Chicago workforce. "In late 2017, Lenovo announced a worldwide resource action that would occur over the next several quarters, and impacting less than two percent of its global workforce. This week's employment reductions are a continuation of that process," said Motorola in the statement.

"We are reducing our Motorola operations in Chicago however this did not impact half of our workforce there and our Moto Z family will continue," the company's statement went on to say. With the tech company's recent clarification, the Moto Z line of phones will likely continue to come up with new models in the near future.

The rumors first surfaced on last week, where an alleged anonymous Motorola employee revealed that the workforce in Chicago will be cut in half. Moreover, a forum member commented on the post, saying the heard that around 50 percent of the Development Engineering team will be laid off.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source, who has knowledge of the ordeal, said that Moto X line could likely be the one that will be canceled, Android Police reported. This means that the unannounced Moto X5 could very well be shelved, if not discarded.

Though the Moto X line may be nearing its end, the company is expected to re-launch the Razr. "With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design," said Lenovo (which now owns Motorola) CEO Yang Yuanqing in an interview with TechRadar earlier this month. "So hopefully what you just described [the Motorola Razr brand] will be developed or realized very soon," he added.

With things being shaken inside the Motorola camp, it will be interesting to see how the rest of 2018 will be shaping up for the tech company.