My Nintendo features new 'Mario' rewards, discounts

(Facebook/SuperMarioEN)"New Super Mario Bros. 2" is currently discounted at My Nintendo.

The Super Mario franchise is one of the most iconic names in the gaming industry for the past few decades. With the Mario Day commemoration happening this Saturday, Nintendo added some Mario-themed rewards on the My Nintendo program.

According to a report from Gamespot, the gaming giant is giving away discounts for select Mario titles on the Wii U and 3DS gaming consoles. Wii U owners will get 30 percent off on "Mario Party 10" equivalent to 700 Platinum points.

Meanwhile, 3DS owners who are My Nintendo members will be treated to four different deals. They can get a 30 percent discount on "Paper Mario: Sticker Star" (90 Gold points), and 40 percent off of the "New Super Mario Bros. 2" (700 Platinum points). Moreover, they can also enjoy "Super Mario Bros. DX" for 40 percent off.

Furthermore, My Nintendo members can still enjoy the discounts for some of the existing Mario titles. These include the 40 percent off of "Mario Kart 7" (930 Platinum points), 30 percent off of "Super Mario 3D World" (400 Platinum points), and 30 percent off on "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team" (50 Gold points). In addition, "Dr. Luigi" (400 Platinum points) is also discounted at 40 percent off.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Nintendo does not intend to release a new version of the Switch console this year. Sources who have insider knowledge told WSJ that the current Switch model available in the market today will remain the same throughout the year.

On the flipside, there will still be changes that are going to take place in other aspects. noted that instead of releasing a new and improved version of the Switch, Nintendo will just focus on improving the console's online features.

Interestingly, the sources also said that the company will likely release new peripherals for the Switch, in the hopes of further increasing its sales. The peripherals will also likely use the USB-C port of the console, the report noted.