'Narcos' Season 4 News: Michael Peña, Diego Luna Lead New Cast

(Facebook/NarcosNetflix)"Narcos" will return to Netflix for a fourth season in 2018.

One of Netflix's most popular and critically-acclaimed series returns next year with a new set of cast members involved in the same ruthless world of illegal drugs.

With "Narcos" season 3 closing with a rousing finish a few months ago, fans have started wondering if the show will return for a fourth season. Netflix, in turn, recently released a short season 4 teaser showing a Mexican ensemble playing a tune. In line with the teaser, the upcoming season will indeed revolve around the drug cartel in Mexico City, Express reported.

The story will be set in Guadalajara, which is also known to be "the birthplace of mariachi and tequila," Netflix posted on Twitter along with the teaser.

With the action now set outside of Colombia, fans can also expect a new set of characters taking on the roles of either DEA agents or members of the drug cartel. The report noted that production has already started in the Mexico City where a new team of anti-drug agents will try to get their hands on rich, heavily-armed drug lords.

Leading the new cast are Michael Peña and Diego Luna, said a report from The Hollywood Reporter. The characters of Peña, who starred in "Crash" and "American Hustle; and Luna, who appeared in "Y Tu Mama Tambien" and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," still remain unannounced, though the two will be regular fixtures in season 4, the report added.

As for actor Pedro Pascal who played Javier Peña, the agent who took down the Cali Cartel in season 3, his chances of returning in season 4 is close to zero, showrunner Eric Newman told Express. "What's tragic about it is that you're losing truly one of the good guys," said Newman. He also noted that fans can believe Peña's last words at the end of Season 3 when he told his father "I've done enough. I'm through."

The release date for "Narcos" Season 4 is still undetermined, though observers believe it will air sometime toward the latter part of 2018.