NBA Lottery 2017 date, order, and odds: Who has the edge?

(Reuters/Matthew Childs Livepic)NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will lead the 2017 NBA Draft this coming June.

With the regular season already in the books, and the Playoffs slated to open this weekend, another anticipated NBA event that will likely change the league's landscape is looming – the NBA Draft Lottery.

The Lottery, which is scheduled for May 16th, will showcase the 14 teams who have failed to make it to this year's Playoffs, fighting it out to get the number one draft pick in the 2017 NBA Draft that will take place sometime late June after the league has crowned a champion. According to a report from ESPN, the Boston Celtics, the team who holds the top seed in the Eastern Conference, have the biggest chance to land the number one pick, with odds of 25 percent.

The Celtics' "advantage" was a result of the rights that they earned from the trade involving Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce a few years ago involving the Brooklyn Nets, who has the league's worst record this year. Next in the odds are the Phoenix Suns, with a 19.9 percent chance of bagging the top pick, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers with 15.6 percent. It should be noted that the top three picks will be decided via the drawing of the ping-pong balls, with the Celtics having the best odds.

Teams from the fourth to the 14th will be arranged based on who has the worst record going fourth, and so on. The Philadelphia 76ers, who have been in the bottom of the Eastern Conference for quite some time, are in the fourth, with an 11.9 percent chance of getting the top pick, followed by the Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks with 8.8 percent and 6.3 percent chances, respectively.

Meanwhile, Bleacher Report listed some of the NBA Draft prospects who are making a noise among NBA scouts. These include point guard Markelle Fultz of the Washington Huskies, forward Josh Jackson of the Kansas Jayhawks, forward Jonathan Isaac of Florida State University, and guard Lonzo Ball from UCLA, among others.