NBA Miami Heat trade rumors: Team positive about Chris Bosh return; extends stretch provision

(Creative Commons/Keith Allison)Chris Bosh with LeBron James for Miami Heat

The Miami Heat has been having some bit of trouble lately regarding its less than stellar lineup as the team has apparently lost a couple of its most valuable players. However, there have been new reports suggesting that the NBA team is still positive that they will be getting Chris Bosh back on the team when the 2016-2017 season arrives.

The 32-year old power forward for Miami has been plagued with health issues and has since been absent from the courts for over two straight seasons. The player is no stranger to injury as he was previously taken out just a few seasons ago due to a strained calf. His current condition, however, is apparently more serious due to a blood clot that was detected in one of his lungs when he was admitted to a Miami hospital for a lung test.

The doctors within the league have not yet issued a green light for him to play again, but the team is still hoping that he would recover. Some reports have also speculated that it might be possible for the team to consider applying for a medical waiver to end Bosh's contract and for them to find another player. With the loss of Dwayne Wade in the previous seasons, the team needs Bosh back. If that won't be possible, then they could decide to remove him altogether.

The Miami Heat had until last month to waive the stretch provision for Bosh, but the team's president, Pat Riley, had apparently decided to wait until September for the decision. He also mentioned in a recent statement that they are trying to find ways to get Bosh back in the court by limiting his travel schedules, as well as decreasing his workload off season.

Some fans had also pointed out that it would be unlikely for the team to use the stretch provision as it would incur a penalty on the team's salary cap that would last until the 2022-2023 season.