New billboard shows up, trying to woo LeBron James into joining the Lakers

(Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is also being wooed to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

Roughly a week after a series of billboards were spotted a few miles away from the Quicken Loans Arena enticing LeBron James to join the Philadelphia 76ers, a new billboard has been put up, and this time, in the City of Angels.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers flying to Los Angeles over the weekend to face the Lakers and the Clippers, an avid fan reportedly spent for a billboard to be put up, asking James to ditch his current team as well as the Sixers for the LA Lakers, NBC Los Angeles noted. The billboard, which fittingly donned the purple and gold colors of the Lakers, had the message "#LABron" followed by "Cleveland and Philly, You Can't Compete with L.A."

Moreover, the billboard also had as the "super fan" who paid for the whole thing. Interestingly, pertained to Jacob Emrani, a personal injury lawyer who runs ads on different radio stations in L.A. ESPN reported that Emrani has been a long-time season ticket holder for Laker games who opted to join the billboard wars for James' services after the current NBA season. The lawyer reportedly paid for a total of four billboards, with another saying "FORGET THE PROCESS, WE WIN BANNERS."

"I am going to tell you, for the past week I think I have stopped practicing law, and this is all I am doing," Jacob Emrani told ESPN. "I have been a season ticket holder for 20 years, and I follow [the Lakers] every day. I got respect for [James], and I feel like as a private citizen, I am going to put my dollars behind my passion and recruit him," he continued.

Emrani also added that the Lakers is the best place for James to "cement his legacy," especially if he leads the struggling glamour team to a title.

Late last month, NBC Sports Philadelphia reported that James, a four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, was scouting the schools around Philadelphia. Alaa Abdelnaby of NBC Sports who also works as a color commentator for the Sixers revealed that the 33-year-old James was seen checking out the local schools during the All-Star Break in February.

The alleged school scouting of James happened just days after billboards enticing him to join the Sixers appeared in Cleveland.