New Eminem album release date rumors: Alleged album called "Roots" to be released in late 2016?

(Facebook/Eminem)The official cover photo for Eminem's Vinyl LP Box Set.

Eminem last released a full-length album about three years ago, and his fans are now all hyped up for the rumored new album of the rap god which is believed to be released this late 2016. The upcoming album is reported to be composed of 12 new tracks and will be titled "Root."

The speculated album is also reported to be under development for quite some time now but was delayed due to financial problems. Another possible cause of delay for the album release is Eminem's lack of inspiration and his current workload of projects related to the creation of original soundtracks for movies, according to a report by The Christian Times.

Eminem's last album, "Marshall Mathers LP 2," was released in 2013 and has achieved the top spot in the Billboard with an impressive sales record. It can be noted though that in about three years, Eminem was only reported to play in about three gigs, therefore leaving his ranking in the Forbes list of top celebrities and sliding down to the 18th position.

The rap legend has been noticed to be lying low for about three years, however, his loyal fans are still pouring out support and encouragements on his Facebook page.

Despite all the fuss about the album, some reports deviated from the expected 2016 release date and instead suggested that the new album will be launched in 2017.

However, there are still no official announcements and details confirming the release of Eminem's "Root." Despite only rumors fuelling the hype, fans are still excited by the ever-increasing amount of reports backing the alleged album release.

Recent reports also claimed that the rapper is planning to work with other popular artists like Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar

Meanwhile, a video showing Eminem's latest collaboration with Skylar Grey on her new track called, "Kill For You," can be viewed below: