New 'Halo Wars 2' patch to come out soon, to address several common issues

(YouTube/Xbox)Captain James Cutter faces off against new enemy Atriox in "Halo Wars 2."

Fans of "Halo Wars 2" will finally get a much-needed update that will address tons of issues affecting various aspects of the game.

According to the weekly blog of 343 Industries, the developer of the "Halo" franchise, the upcoming patch, which is scheduled for release this week, will fix "a number of the most common issues being reported by some players." One of the main concerns that have hounded players and that will soon be addressed is when players get stuck on the loading screen. Another issue that is expected to be fixed by the patch is the black screen that shows up during booting.

Moreover, players using the PC will be greeted with a welcome sounding feature to alert them of any old drivers. The patch will also fix the issue that causes players to get disconnected during multiplayer games, particularly at the beginning of the match.

As for the gameplay, fans of the real-time strategy video game will experience numerous bug fixes like in the Blitz mode where Blisterback does not recover from damage, when units become unresponsive, and when a conflict arises whenever a D-pad functionality is swapped. Another area that will be improved on is the Metagame, where parties always get assigned to Team 1, and the "Halt" cinematic being unlocked early in the theater, among others. Other areas that will be updated include the cosmetics and the audio of the game.

The developers admitted, however, that they are still working on other known issues like game freezes or very low frame rates, as well as issues with cinematics and an unresponsive mini-map for the PC version.

In an interview with Venture Beat's Games Beat, executive producer David Nicholson shared how much they wanted to take "Halo" back into the real-time strategy (RTS) arena. "We wanted to bring Halo back into the RTS space, and we wanted to make an RTS for everyone. We wanted to get Halo fans interested in an RTS, and we wanted to expose RTS fans to the fantastic story behind Halo," said Nicholson.

"Halo Wars 2" incidentally dropped to number 15 in the latest software U.K. charts from Gfk Chart-Track for the week ending on March 4, after holding the second spot the previous week.