New 'Overwatch' comic released, gives fans a lesson on titular organization's history

(Blizzard Entertainment)A screenshot from an "Overwatch" animated short

Fans of the team-based, multiplayer shooter game "Overwatch" who wish to know more about the story's history and its rich lore will be able to do so through a new comic.

Video game developer Blizzard Entertainment released another installment of their digital comic shorts titled "Uprising!," which features the events that took place seven years before the video game's setting. The comic depicts a "flashpoint in the conflict between omnics and humans." According to the post on "Overwatch's" official website, the events happened "on the eve of a historic peace accord" where an extremist group of robots going by the name of "Null Sector" took over King's Row.

The British government, in response, kept Overwatch from taking part in the mess, which left Strike Commander Jack Morrison to decide on whether or not he should follow the government's orders and watch thousands die or get into action and save lives.

The comic, which was written by Michael Chu and drawn by Gray Shuko, can be downloaded on the game's official website or through the Madefire motion book on mobile, Apple TV, and PC.

Last week, the game's official Twitter account posted a video teaser of a big reveal slated for April 11, with mentions the "King's Row Uprising" and a "Security Clearance" that is "Confidential." In addition, a report from Polygon said that fans have been speculating that the other clues such as the ability icons of the seven heroes, alongside other hints, may point to a new mode or a separate in-lore mission set.

Looking at the clues given on the teaser, they may well be related to the back story contained in the digital comic short.

With the way things have been going with "Overwatch," fans can expect Blizzard to come up with more teasers pertaining to the game's characters and their history. "One of our goals for 2017 is to try to have more frequent story-related updates and content, so we're very busy with that," Chu explained in their official forums last month.