Nintendo Switch Homebrew coming soon with latest console hack?

(Facebook/NintendoSwitch)Homebrew may soon invade Nintendo Switch.

With 2018 in full swing, more titles are expected to be on their way to Nintendo's flagship console. Not all games, however, may come from the company or other official sources.

According to a report from Gadget360, the hackers popularly known in the industry as Plutoo, Derek, and Naehwert revealed some information that homebrew may soon invade the top-selling console.

A homebrew launcher will soon be coming to the Switch, which opens the door for non-Nintendo sanctioned software to become available in the console. There is, however, a small caveat, as Switch owners must first be on firmware 3.0.0. Those who are on lower firmware must purchase a physical copy of the "Pokken Tournament DX" video game that comes with firmware 3.0.0, the report added.

Meanwhile, a TechRadar report noted that the hack involved the console's Nvidia Tegra chip. The chip allowed the hackers to access a feature that is used by Nvidia's own developers and engineers. Through this, the hackers managed to access deep-level functions found on the chipset which are not normally accessible by the public.

With the doors virtually opened for homebrew software, there is also a few dangers and consequences that may come with the hacking. The TechRadar report cautioned that Switch owners will no longer get to enjoy the warranty that came with their console. Also, installing unlicensed software also voids the quality assurance being offered by the company.

Players may possibly experience mediocre gaming and performance from the console. In much worse cases, players may also be locked out of future Nintendo games that require newer versions of firmware.

With this recent development, it is interesting to see how Nintendo will respond, considering that they have already faced similar problems against piracy and other homebrew communities. Perhaps a much stricter level of security will be applied in the very near future.