Nintendo Switch news: Two new games let players use Joy-Cons like a Wii Remote

Two new games that were released for the recently-launched Nintendo Switch are giving players a different take on how to use the console's Joy-Con controllers.

A report from Gamespot confirmed that 2D Boy's puzzle video game "World of Goo" allows players to use their Joy-Con like a Wii remote by aiming them to the to perform commands. NitenDaan also posted an actual video of the feature on his Twitter account, showing the user pointing his controller to the TV screen then selecting the game, and eventually prompted to place the Joy-Con on a flat surface.

Moreover, pressing the Plus button gives the players the ability to reorient and adjust the controller's aim during gameplay. Another game that offers the same features is puzzle game "Human Resource Machine" by developer Tomorrow Corporation. It can also be noted that minimal gestures involving wrist movements are enough, due to the Joy-Con's built-in sensors, unlike in the Wii, which required a sensor bar.

Meanwhile, a report from the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Nintendo is gearing up to double their production of the Switch console, as online retailers and other sources have run out of stock since the product was launched. Furthermore, it can also be recalled that retailers from different parts of the globe, especially in the U.K., have expressed uncertainty as to when their stocks for the Switch replacement docks will be replenished.

(Facebook/Nintendo)Promotional image for the Nintendo Switch

A report from Express last week, on the other hand, said that the company had already acted on the shortage and have sent replenishments for the said parts.

Earlier this month, SuperData Research projected that Nintendo will be able to sell five million units of the console by the end of 2017, despite a "slow and steady" release. The report also noted that the main challenge for Switch is convincing current owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to consider buying the Switch as a second console.