Nintendo to delay launch of 64 GB Switch game cards to 2019

(FacebookNintendoSwitch)A promotional image of the Nintendo Switch featuring the Joy-Con.

It seems owners of Nintendo's flagship console will have to wait a little longer before they can start enjoying game cards with bigger capacities.

According to sources who are close to the matter, the gaming giant has pushed the launch of the 64 GB Nintendo Switch cartridges to 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported. The game cards, which were initially slated for a mid-2018 release, were re-scheduled further because of some technical difficulties.

Moreover, the delay also resulted in the disappointment of some developers who are now forced to wait it out before they can release their respective video games for the Nintendo Switch, the report added.

Currently, the console comes with 32 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded by using microSD cards. The 32 GB pales in comparison to some of the console's leading competitors like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that offer support for 50GB more on their Blu-Ray discs, a report from The Verge noted. Switch games that require additional memory for downloads like "Doom" force players to expand their memory even if they already owned a physical copy of the title.

On top of the hassle of buying microSD cards, gamers who are looking to enjoy games that use bigger cartridges also need to spend a little bit more on the titles themselves. A report from Gadgets360 noted that games in Japan like "Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2" cost 1,000 yen more on the Switch compared to its PS4 version. The added cost is due to the game's larger cartridge that stands at 32 GB.

Despite the setback, the Switch is still projected to make it big going into the brand new year. Earlier this month, Nintendo confirmed that the console has reached another milestone, reaching the 10 million mark in total number of units sold.

The company has also increased its fiscal year target to 14 million from its initial goal of 10 million units, CNN reported.