'No Man's Sky' release date, news update: The battle of the year imminent?

While the beginning of a new year holds so many promises, it also poses new challenges for games that are yet to come out. In the case of "No Man's Sky," though, they might be in for an incredibly rough climb as they go face to face with a game that's already a classic.

(Hello Games)Sentinels survey the landscape of a planet in "No Man's Sky". This early, people are projecting it could be headed to a showdown between titans if "Star Citizen" manages to be more complete by the time of "No Man's Sky's" launch.

Many players may have already heard of a little game called "Star Citizen." As Movie Pilot's report puts it, "No Man's Sky" is in for the toughest challenge of their lives, if "Star Citizen" manages to complete this year.

"No Man's Sky" promised to arrive in June; "Star Citizen", meanwhile, surged to $105 M only recently, and is expected to do more before completion.

The real question here is if "No Man's Sky" can manage to capitalize on the fact that it has yet to be completed. Even then, people are already pleased at how it plays. "No Man's Sky," in contrast, has only provided promises that are yet to be proven true. Perhaps, when June finally comes, people will get to try out the game for themselves.

Meanwhile, Christian Post's report focuses on the completion of "No Man's Sky" and if the rumors surrounding it and Xbox One are true.

It has truly been a long wait for "No Man's Sky." The game that should've been tried out October of last year is now being awaited for June of this year, and it might've been because of Sony and Hello Games' deal. Regardless, there are rumors swirling around that Xbox One players may also receive the game on their consoles.

Microsoft, particularly Chris Charla of Xbox, is eager to make things work for the game. They have earlier expressed their willingness to meet up with Hello Games and Sean Murray to discuss things, though everything is still baseless rumor at this point.

If that happens, then it's going to be a big help if "No Man's Sky" will indeed be pitted against a title like "Star Citizen."