Nokia 3310 latest news: Pre-order numbers amaze retailers in the U.K.

(Reuters/Paul Hanna)Arto Nummela, CEO of Nokia-HMD, holds up a Nokia 3310 device during a presentation ceremony at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2017.

Call it nostalgia or curiosity, but the recently-resurrected Nokia 3310 cell phone has been fairing remarkably well in the pre-order science, and retailers are left amazed.

A report from The Telegraph said that British mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse viewed the demand for the 3310 as "astonishing," noting that there was an "unprecedented level of demand for a feature phone." The retailer is the only company to offer pre-orders since the phone was officially unveiled last February by HMD during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

"There has been an astonishing groundswell of interest in the Nokia 3310 following the launch announcement of this reimagined classic," said Andrew Wilson, U.K. director of buying at Carphone Warehouse. He also noted that pre-order levels were "incredibly strong" and that it was not only the hype that has been fueling the device's demand, but that consumers genuinely desire to own the unit.

Meanwhile, a report from global research firm Captify showed that the internet search graph for Nokia has jumped by 797 percent, which, when converted, translates to 30 billion online searches per month. Furthermore, the firm also added that the device's iconic "Snake" game was also added to the phone's resurgence.

"The genuine consumer interest in the Nokia 3310 is borne out from our data which shows a huge spike in the public searching for actual network carriers," said Captify CEO Dom Joseph. "It demonstrates that people really do want to buy the product well ahead of its release, and are already starting to make decisions about which network they'll use too," he added.

Earlier this month, online retailer Belsimpel of Netherlands also listed the 3310 for pre-order, together with the "Nokia 3" and "Nokia 5." No specific date was given in regard to the phones' availability on the stores though it was confirmed that the three units will become available during the second quarter of the year. The three devices were all launched at the MWC last month.