Nokia 8110 'Matrix' phone makes a return

(Reuters/Yves Herman)An image of the Nokia 8110 during the Mobile World Congress 2018.

Another throwback mobile phone is making a triumphant comeback, and this time, it is packed with the same old features that are given an updated touch.

According to a report from TheStarOnline, the new and updated Nokia 8110 was announced during the Mobile World Congress 2018 event. Also known as the banana phone, the device became popular as it was also featured in the 1999 film "The Matrix" starring Keanu Reeves. Much like in the movie, the phone still retained its sliding feature that has made it one of the most popular phones during its time, the report noted.

The phone will sport a banana yellow and black color combination and will come with a US$97 price tag, MyJoyOnline reported. "This is a return to the glory years of Nokia," said Ian Fogg, senior analyst at IHS Markit. "But it also includes all the new technology," Fogg went on to say.

Apart from the sliding feature, the phone will also bring back the popular game "Snake" with an updated touch. Moreover, the phone also comes with 4G, as well as frequently-used apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps. Interestingly, Fogg shared that the phone offers remarkable battery life, as it can go into standby mode for as much as 25 days on a single charge.

The Nokia 8110 is slated for release sometime in May of this year.

Back in April of last year, the resurrected Nokia 3310 was released by HMD, the official licensee of the Nokia brand. The restyled phone debuted in Europe for EUR 59 in different parts of the region like Austria, Norway, and Czech Republic, GSM Arena reported. Just like the Nokia 8110, the 3310 also came with the iconic "Snake" game and an impressive battery life that could last a full month on a single charge.

In addition, the 3310 also sported a custom-designed interface and a 2.4-inch polarized curved screen window, which helps users see clearly even under direct sunlight.