'One Punch Man' creator reveals funny holiday sketch on Twitter

(Viz Media)Promotional image for "One Punch Man"

With still no word on the return of the "One Punch Man" anime, fans excitedly go scrambling for any news or update regarding the hit series. In the midst of the holiday season, however, the franchise's creator gave the fans something to keep them company while waiting for updates.

Comicbook.com reported that "One Punch Man" creator ONE shared a sketch showing the series' protagonist, Saitama, sporting a Santa Claus costume while picking up the broken body parts of Genos and putting them inside a sack. The image, which was posted on Twitter, also had Saitama's face partially covered with blood as he talks to Genos.

"I got my street clothes all dirty...Should I just put all your parts in the bag?" read Saitama's lines, to which Genos responds with, "Yes, please." The report noted that the sketch depicts the dynamics between the two characters in the hit manga and anime series. Genos is the type who gives his all in everything, which may have caused his body parts to scatter everywhere, while Saitama is the one who goes through the rounds while showing little to no emotions.

Not much have been revealed officially as to when the "One Punch Man" anime will return for a second season, though a lot of major changes have taken place in the production side of things. Back in September, Kotaku reported that a new production team will be taking over season 2. J.C. Staff will now handle the animation, which was previously assigned to season 1's production house, Madhouse.

Furthermore, Chikira Sakurai will now handle the directing of season 2, taking over the spot of Shinogo Natsume. "The sad part about the OPM S2 news isn't really that it's not being produced at Madhouse. It's that Shingo Natsume isn't going to direct it," posted Yonkou Productions on Twitter.

Though there may be changes in the production aspect, fans can still expect to see the same level of action and excitement as new villains are expected to get their crack at the powerful Saitama.