'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers, news: Anime likely to move away from manga's plot

(YouTube/Raskonicov Amv)"One Punch Man" ending credits screenshot

After the end of the first season of the highly popular manga-turned-anime television series, "One Punch Man," fans of the series have been wondering when the anime creators would finally be releasing brand-new episodes. For now, some fans have resorted to reading the manga in order to find out the series of events that will transpire after the end of the first season. However, some reports have claimed that the anime itself might be moving away from the manga and showcasing their own take on the bald-headed superhero.

As of the moment, the manga's creator Yusuke Murata, is apparently still busy trying to come up with new chapters that are rumored to be coming out sometime in October. The anime creators, on the other hand, are equally busy trying to finish the episodes of the new season. However, reports are claiming that they might not be staying faithful to the source material for the brand-new season. To encompass an entire season, the anime creators would most likely have to add some twists to the plot and possibly some unique events as well.

A report from BREATHEcast has also revealed details of what seems to be the series of events that will be taking place in the second season's first episode. "One Punch Man" season 2 episode 1 titled "The First Hero," will apparently showcase the return of Lord Boros after his obliteration in the first season's finale.

Lord Boros will reportedly come back significantly stronger than before as he will be able to absorb hits from Saitama himself. Along with Lord Boros, the monster Garou will apparently also be making an appearance. If this turns out to be true, then the anime itself will now truly be separating itself from the storyline of the manga.

Current reports are now predicting that the second season of the anime may be hitting the airwaves as early as October of this year. Other reports, however, have predicted that there may be delays to the anime if it would wait for the manga to finish first.