'One Punch Man' season 2 latest news: Production for upcoming season already underway

(Viz Media)Promotional image for "One Punch Man"

The long wait for the second season of "One Punch Man" may finally be shortened further.

According to a report from The Christian Post, the hit anime series has finally entered production after seven long months since its confirmation during the Wanpan Fall Festival event in Japan. The development, which is something that fans of the manga-turned-anime have been longing to hear, first floated in a tweet by Ken Ryo. The Twitter user posted a scanned picture of a magazine saying that the much-loved anime is already in the works.

A definite day for its premiere, on the other hand, has not yet been announced, although fans of the manga already got a taste of chapter 73, which was released yesterday.

Meanwhile, a report from Geek.com speculated that season two will showcase the protagonist, Saitama, rising further in the ranks in the Hero Association. Moreover, he is also expected to go head-to-head with Garou, a former apprentice of Silverfang, who is believed to pose a serious challenge to the bald hero.

Unlike other opponents Saitama had faced in the past, Garou's power is off the charts that he is capable of withstanding the punch of the hero. It can also be noted that Garou doesn't use any form of protection, which is a clear testament of the powers he possesses.

Last month, there were rumors that Saitama will weaken and lose his powers, which will be taken advantage of by his opponents, specifically Lord Boros who he had beaten earlier. Saitama's fall will be so severe that he is speculated to kneel down before Boros, as reported by News Everyday.

Moreover, a report from Celebeat predicted that the hero will face two different opponents in Metal Night and Amai Mask, with the latter being described as a Rank One A-Class hero, who also sings, acts, and does modeling on the side.