'Overwatch' leaked video shows details of 'Uprising' event

(Blizzard)A promotional image for "Overwatch"

Fans of the video game "Overwatch" were given a taste of what to expect in their upcoming event that begins today.

PlayStation France's YouTube account leaked a video showing the details of "Overwatch: Uprising," which shoots players back seven years to relive one of the most significant moments in Overwatch history. The new trailer from Blizzard Entertainment's team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter video game showed new items, new skins and a new game mode where players and their group mates get to face a hoard of enemies.

"Rally your friends and accompany Tracer in [her] first mission during the King's Row insurrection, our new co-operative [mode and] discover the origins of some of your favorite heroes with more than 100 new items for Overwatch: Insurrection including skins, intro screens, emotes, tags, etc.! Overwatch archives have been declassified, but this will only last until May 1st," said the teaser.

Last week, "Overwatch," through their official Twitter account, confirmed that a big revelation will take place on April 11 and hinted that it will involve "Overwatch Mission Archives." Furthermore, it also mentioned "King's Row Uprising," which is where the insurrection took place, and a "Security Clearance" tagged as "Confidential." Now that the archives have been declassified, players can take part in the action that happened seven years prior to the events of today's setting in the "Overwatch" game.

Based on the trailer, players will likely get to play one of the game's four core characters, namely, Tracer, Mercy, Torbjorn, and Mercy. As for their looks, the new event will provide new skins for the four, along with the other characters like Genji, McCree, Bastion, Widowmaker, and Orisa, the new Tank-class character created by the 11-year-old child genius, Efi Oladele.

In addition, the game also released a new digital comic last week, with details pertaining to the Omnic Uprising that happened "on the eve of a historic peace accord" where Null Sector, a group of extremist robots, attempt to take control of King's Row.