'Penny Dreadful' season 4 news: renewal/spinoff rumors clarified; online petition garners support

(Facebook/PennyDreadfulOnShowtime)Promo image for "Penny Dreadful"

Executives behind the critically acclaimed TV series from Showtime, "Penny Dreadful," are pretty much convinced that the show has finally arrived to its conclusion and there is no actual reason as to why they have to remain on air.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Showtime CEO David Nevins already confirmed at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that there will be no season 4 coming up for the show. This is despite the fact that the Eva Green-starrer has been raking high TV performance ratings as a horror drama series.

Series creator John Logan himself attested to the fact that it's really over for "Penny Dreadful." The bitter sweet conclusion, as it turns out, was not only served for Green's beloved Vanessa Ives, but for the other characters as well.

"I can absolutely confirm it is really over, the end, that's all she wrote. The whole idea to have this be the end of the series applies to all of the characters not just for Vanessa Ives and I felt the ending was for Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) and Ethan (Josh Hartnett) was Ethan got the father that he wanted and Sir Malcolm got the family he needed and together they came to a nice thing of stasis," Logan said, according to Deadline.

The fandom, feisty as ever, is apparently not giving up on the possibility of seeing their favorite characters back on screens. 

A "Save Penny Dreadful" online petition has been filed at Change.org. The premise of the plea is quite simple: to let web streaming service network, Netflix pick up the aforementioned show and have them produce "one or more seasons" from it. The petitioners are insisting that such a show of "high quality, original plot and brilliant universe of characters" deserve to be saved.

As of this writing, the petition already has 13,437 signees and is now closing in on its target of 15,000.

"Penny Dreadful" season 3 wrapped up last June 19 with the episode titled "The Blessed Dark."