'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' tips and tricks: How to survive all the way to the end

(Facebook/playbattlegrounds)A promotional image for "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds."

One of the hottest online games today is the recently-launched "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (PUBG). The multiplayer online battle royale video game brings high levels of excitement as up to a hundred different players get to play and kill each other until only one is left standing.

With the different styles and techniques required to survive, it is vital for players to know the tricks of the trade that will help them reach the finish line. Eurogamer listed down some helpful tips that will help newbies master the Battlegrounds. For faster movement, players store their weapon so they can sprint their way faster by six percent.

With stealth being a crucial aspect of the game, players are also advised to take off their shoes during pre-game. This will allow for a much quieter movement without compromising speed. Since the first agenda is to build up arsenal by acquiring loot, look for small clusters of buildings that are located at the edge of the parachuting range. Though big towns may pose more danger, the higher the risk, the bigger the returns you may get.

Moreover, players should never keep their guard down when looting. It is advised to clear the buildings first before going for the loot, as some players may be sneaking right from behind, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Meanwhile, players who are rushing toward a safe zone feel the need to cross a bridge should think twice. Chances are, there are players hiding in the area, waiting to shoot opponents down. The key is to proceed to the bridge early then swim, or take a boat to leave the area faster.

For some more advanced tips that may take time to master, Gamespot also shared some valuable ones that could spell the difference. First is the choice of the jump destination or the area where the player wants to start their journey. A great tip is to find a spot somewhere far from the beaten path where the chances of finding more weapons without getting killed are high.

Another tip is to get immersed early in battle and to spend time improving killing skills. Though stealth is the more advisable plan, there will be times when players will be left with no other choice but to survive in a one-on-one fight. Engage in as many fights in the beginning, even if it means dying early to gain more combat experience that will be useful in the endgame.