'Pokémon GO' confirms having 65 million active users

(YouTube/The Official Pokemon Channel)A screenshot from the "Pokemon GO" trailer

One of the world's most popular mobile games has reached a milestone as far as its global reach is concerned.

John Hanke of video game developer Niantic Labs confirmed during the London Games Festival last week that "Pokémon GO" has 65 million active users since the game was released in July of 2016. In a post on their official blog site, Niantic revealed the news, thanking the millions of players who continuously enjoy the game from different parts of the world.

"We continue to be inspired by the passion of the 65+ million people from around the world playing Pokémon GO each month," said Niantic in the post. "We're still at the beginning of the journey and there's a lot more to come," they added. Moreover, they also mentioned that Trainers can look forward to the arrival of spring, where "all-new cooperative social gameplay experiences" can be enjoyed outdoors.

Aside from the milestone, the game was also named the Best Mobile and Handheld Game at the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts (BAFTA) Game Awards. "Each and every award Pokémon GO has won is a testament to the game's awesome and supportive community," Niantic said in the post.

Some of the other awards and recognitions that game has received include BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards - Best Game, TechCrunch's Crunchies - Best App of the Year and The Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Mobile/Handheld Game, among others.

Part of what led to the game's explosion this year was Niantic's move to add 80 new Pokémon from the Johto region. In addition, they have announced that they are working at adding a trading feature to the game, where players can exchange creatures with others who are located within their general proximity.

Last month, the developers also admitted that the Gym system of "Pokémon GO" needs to be improved. "The gym portion needs a lot more work, and we are trying to improve it and make a bigger change to how the system works," said senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura in an interview with Polygon. "Overall, I think we need a little bit more time to think through how we do it," he added.