'Pokemon GO' to release Gen 3 update along with 40th nest migration

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Following the news on an update on "Pokemon GO's" Weather Warning system, a new update is slated today, covering another subject that always gets fans excited — Generation 3 Pokemon.

According to a report from the Daily Star, Niantic Labs is set to roll out a new update in line with its 40th Nest migration today, Dec. 29. The migration, though technically not a full-on update, will bring in some exciting changes into the game. Areas where Trainers previously found numerous Pokemon of a certain kind will likely change into a different species.

This means that a local nest that usually features Pikachu may transform into a haven for Dragonite. Moreover, the update also increases the chances for players to catch a Gen 3 Pokemon in places where the latter were not usually seen or caught.

Last week, Niantic rolled out an update introducing the Weather Effects into the game. The feature works by providing boosts and stronger types of Pokemon depending on the local weather conditions, Express reported. The update, however, experienced some minor backlash as players complained of the Weather Warning system that also came with the update.

The system would switch off the boosts and bonuses if it finds the weather conditions to be a bit dangerous for players. The problem, however, was that the system tended to overestimate the weather conditions, even if they are not that bad.

In turn, Niantic released another update that added the "I am safe" button, which players can use to notify the game that they are safe. Whenever the button is used, all of the bonuses will continue in the players' specific area, the Express report added.

As for the different weather conditions and the respective Pokemon they will boost, sunny and clear skies will boost Grass, Fire, and Ground Pokemon. Rainy weather will boost Water, Bug, and Electric Pokemon while partly cloudy conditions will benefit Normal and Rock Pokemon types.

Cloudy conditions, on the other hand, will boost the Fairy, Fighting, and Poison types while windy conditions will be good for the Flying, Dragon, and Psychic types. Since its winter in different parts of the world, snow will boost Ice and Steel-type Pokemon while foggy conditions will help Ghost and Dark types.