'Punisher' season 2 latest news: Series gets renewed despite mixed reviews

(Facebook/MarvelsPunisherNetflix)Jon Bernthal returns as Frank Castle in Season 2 of "Marvel's The Punisher."

Amid the mixed reviews and reactions "Marvel's The Punisher" received in its first season on Netflix, the show still gained confirmation that it will return for season 2. The question now is when.

According to Trusted Reviews, the Netflix series featuring the vigilante Frank Castle played by actor Jon Bernthal will certainly return next year, though Netflix did not say exactly when. The streaming giant said, however, that the series is "coming soon."

With no definite date on hand, speculations started to swirl, saying the series will likely return during Spring of 2018 as the earliest possible date, the report added. "Punisher" received all sorts of reviews, both positive and negative. Bernthal's performance was highly regarded by fans and critics, though the same cannot be said of the show itself. Trusted Reviews noted that the series received criticism for its slow pacing.

Meanwhile, actress Deborah Ann Woll who plays the role of Karen Page is expected to return in season 2, The Daily Dot reported. Moreover, fans can also expect a new set of supporting cast, considering Castle's thirst for vengeance has already been quenched.

Series showrunner Steve Lightfoot, who also returns in season 2, shared in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter his thoughts on one of the Punisher's arch-enemies, Jigsaw. Though season 1 bared how the character of Billy Russo becomes Jigsaw, it does not automatically mean that he will be the lead villain in the upcoming season.

"We just wanted a great character in season one, first and foremost, who was a foil for Frank, and not some guy who is being evil for the sake of it. I think all of the best shows are where the villains think they're the good guy," said Lightfoot. The producer noted, however, that Jigsaw will likely return regardless of how long the series will last.

"Billy is one of the few recurring villains in the canon. In terms of building character and hopefully having multiple seasons of the show, it's great to have someone you can come back to that the audience really knows," the showrunner explained.