'Rainbow Six: Siege' DLC news, updates: Details for the game's year two content to be revealed 'in the coming weeks'

(Twitter/Ubisoft)Teaser image for "Rainbow Six Siege" Operation Red Crow DLC

A lot of fans are now getting pretty hyped for the specific details about the second year of support for Ubisoft's popular, tactical first-person shooter game "Rainbow Six: Siege."

However, the studio is still keeping everything under wraps at the moment, but it shouldn't be long now until they officially release their next road map for the second season expansion.

Vice-President of live operations at Ubisoft Anne Blondel confirmed during her interview with PCGamesN that the details for the year two downloadable content (DLC) of "Rainbow Six: Siege" will be revealed in the coming weeks.

"I don't want to spoil, [the team] are really looking forward to revealing to the community. What I can say is Season 4 came out last weekend, patch 5.1 is [out now too] and we'll be announcing much more about year two in the weeks to come, but I would hate to spoil what they have in store for the game," said Blondel. She explained that the team has to keep everything a secret until the time is right to reveal the details for the game's upcoming DLC.

It is still unclear, however, if Ubisoft will continue to with the same setup they had with the first season of DLC, specifically the two operators and one multiplayer map per release. Whatever the case is, the news for it should come out possibly before the year ends.

Ubisoft confirmed the news for its second year content support for "Rainbow Six: Siege" a couple of weeks ago through the game's official Twitter page. But sadly, no one knows what is exactly in store for the fans of the title. At this point, it would be best to just wait for further news coming from the studio.

Meanwhile, the much awaited fourth and last DLC for "Rainbow Six: Siege" — dubbed "Operation Red Crow" — is now available for download. The downloadable content was released to the public last Nov. 17 and was first confirmed earlier this month.