'Ray Donovan' season 4 cast update: The details so far

(Reuters/Fred Thornhill)Liev Schreiber

Season four of "Ray Donovan" is set to premiere sometime in July 2016 and here is the news on who will appear in the latest installment of Showtime's most popular show.

New faces

The upcoming season of "Ray Donovan" promises to feature several new faces one of which is The Cosby Show alum, Lisa Bonet.

Earlier in February, TV Line announced that Bonet has signed up with Showtime's series for the fourth season.

According to TV Line's report, Bonet is set to play "Marisol" a mysterious woman who seems to have damning information about someone.

The report doesn't say if the information Bonet's character is holding has something to do with Liev Schreiber's character "Ray Donovan."

Another actor who joined the cast is Dominique Columbus and he's set to play a homeless teenager named Damon who gets involved with Ray Donovan's business.

According to Deadline, Columbus is a relatively new actor and his role in the show will be a recurring one.

Richard Brake, Welsh-American actor who starred in "Batman Begins" and "Game of Thrones," has also joined the cast.

According to Deadline, Brake's character is called "Vlad" and like Donovan he has a penchant for scaring and beating up people to make them comply with whatever he wants them to do.

Brake played the role of "Joe Chill," the man who killed Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) parents in the first Batman film from Christopher Nolan.

He also starred in the 2005 sci-fi film "Doom" alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Karl Urban.

One actress won't be in season four

The cast of Ray Donovan may be growing but one actress is said to have left the show due to her commitment to another series.

Katie Holmes joined the cast for season three as "Paige Finney" a conniving woman who falls for Ray but in her interview on Live with Kelly and Michael she revealed that she won't be returning for the fourth installment.

She said that she's already working on "The Kennedys after Camelot" where she plays Jackie Kennedy and that it was impossible for her to juggle two shows.