'Red Dead Redemption 2' release date: Rumors regarding E3 trailer pullout debunked

(Rockstar Games)Red Dead Redemption promotional image.

During the recently held 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a lot of fans were expecting Sony and Rockstar to unveil the highly anticipated open-world video game sequel, "Red Dead Redemption 2."

Unfortunately, not a word was mentioned during the event regarding the sequel, and strangely Sony's press conference ended with some gameplay footage of the company's other game "Days Gone." Usually the company ends its E3 presentations with a reveal trailer for a brand-new game. Because of this, some fans had theorized that Sony may have pulled out the "Red Dead Redemption 2" trailer at the last minute because of the recent mass shooting in Orlando.

Rumors regarding this theory then started to spread across the Internet as it does make actual sense for the company to pull out its trailer, which is rumored to contain a scene depicting a massacre. Showing the trailer with the violent footage would have been a public relations (PR) nightmare for the company and pulling it out would definitely be the right move to show respect to the victims and affected families of the Orlando shooting.

Now, PlayStation Vice President of Third-Party Relations & Developer Technology Group, Adam Boyes, has confirmed that the prevailing rumors regarding the trailer are not true. He explained that Sony had no intention of showing off a teaser trailer for "Red Dead Redemption 2" during the E3 event. He further mentioned that the theory was most likely fan-made and baseless at the very least.

Despite the turn of events, fans of the series are still hopeful that the companies would unveil the brand-new game soon. One YouTuber, with the username MrBossFTW, explained that the E3 event was not the only venue to reveal "Red Dead Redemption 2" and that the company could still be coming out with the game at another venue on a different date.