Reports of iPhone 7 camera issues surface

(Apple website)A promotional image for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Even high-end, flagship devices are not without issues, and this is also the case with the iPhone 7. The dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 is one of its best features, but it seems like a small group of users are experiencing problems with the iPhone 7's camera.

There have been reports that some units of the iPhone 7 have been having problems with its camera. There were a lot of glitches with the camera, which includes the users either seeing a black image preview or seeing an error message that states, "Emergency iPhone needs to cool down" every time they try to use their camera app. The error message shows even with their unit is not warm.

It was also reported that there were times when an image is seen, but it has a tint of a different color such as green or purple.

The problem was first brought to mainstream attention through a Reddit thread started by user teryakiwok.

According to a report by Value Walk, similar problems with the iPhone 7's camera has been reported as early as October, although Apple has not released a statement regarding the issue. The good news is that users have the option to take their iPhone 7s to either the Apple Genius Bars to be fixed, or to bring the unit themselves to Apple to have it replaced.

It was also said that since it has been months since the issue was first mentioned, it is highly unlikely that the iOS 10.2 update is the culprit for the iPhone 7's faulty camera.

For those wanting to see if they can resolve the issues themselves without having to bring the device either to an Apple Genius Bar or Apple store, The TeCake has some simple, easy to follow instructions on how to fix the problems at home. Of course, if the camera problems persist, it will be best to have Apple have a look at the device.