Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issue updates, news: South Korean company reassures fans that the Galaxy S7 is safe to use

(The Official Samsung Galaxy Site)Official product render for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A lot of Samsung fans were shocked when the news of the battery overheating issues for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have emerged online, and some of the Samsung Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge users were a bit worried if they would be affected by the same device issues.

Luckily, the South Korean-based manufacturer has reassured everyone that the Galaxy S7 is pretty much safe from all the internal complications, unlike what happened with the Note 7.

"Samsung stands behind the quality and safety of the Galaxy S7 family. There have been no confirmed cases of internal battery failures with these devices among the more than 10 million devices being used by consumers in the United States; however, we have confirmed a number of instances caused by severe external damage. Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident," read Samsung's official statement.

While some enthusiasts may believe that Samsung's name has been damaged because of what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues, it looks like the company did not exactly suffer any kind of damage to its brand- at least in the United States, according to the report from Reuters. Many technophiles are still loyal to Samsung despite the scandal regarding its Galaxy Note 7.

As for what exactly happened, unfortunately, the company still hasn't released any kind of official findings regarding it, and they are clueless on the exact cause of the battery overheating/exploding on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, past reports revealed.

Meanwhile, device users in New Zealand are advised that Samsung has discontinued network connections for the Galaxy Note 7 handset in the region to prevent users from using the device and to prevent further damages inflicted by the overheating/exploding batteries.

More news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issues should emerge in the coming months.