Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date news, specs rumors: Next-gen Note handset rumored to come with dual-camera setup

(Facebook/SamsungMobile)Official product render for the Samsung Galaxy S7 handset

Dual-camera setups on premium smartphones today is starting to become standard, and it seems like Samsung is also planning to adopt this current trend for their devices.

Word has it that the company's next-generation flagship installment — the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 — might come equipped with a dual-camera setup, presumably for the rear of the device.

According to reports, Samsung's competitor Apple has just recently launched its iPhone 7 Plus, which comes with a dual-camera setup.

The South Korean-based manufacturer, of course, has to stay ahead of the game, which is why it has allegedly decided to equip its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the same feature once it gets released in the market sometime next year.

However, it seems like this isn't the only feature that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will sport that is similar to features on the iPhone 7 Plus.

BGR has reported earlier this month that the South Korean-based tech giant's next generation handset could also come with a pressure sensitive screen, possibly the same concept as the 3D Touch that Apple introduced for the iPhone 6s.

Other reports, meanwhile, have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may come with a removable battery, a feature that has been missing in today's premium smartphones.

It should be noted, however, that these are all based on pure speculations and are still subject to confirmation. With that in mind, fans are highly advised to take this report with a tiny pinch of salt. 

Meanwhile, there is no word yet on the specific release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But there are rumors saying that the next-generation handset might get rolled out to the market much sooner than the expected late 2017 timeframe, possibly early next year at the earliest.

More news about the matter should surface soon in the coming months.